Okey it’s spring time and bees are buzzing for flowers again. Many people start feeling these weird emotions and ideas spark into their heads of maybe there would be that perfect person somewhere, a soul mate, someone who loves you unconditionally as you are…

The concept of a soulmate does not seem very christian. That there would be someone who knows and fulfills your needs….without you communicating.

I heard this song on the radio today:

Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

‘Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you

 Very nice song and idea ladies- but let me crash your dreams- There ain’t a person in the world that can fill that !!  It takes God to love you with that kind of love.

Which brings us to God. He is perfect. He is love. His love is perfect. His love is Agape. Don’t ever confuse this to some person, or  let any person take God’s place in your life!

Searching for a soulmate sets you on a path of finding someone to fulfill YOUR needs and  YOUR desires. Very selfish!  Very carnal-  That is something coming out of our flesh where as the highest kind of love: Agape- is unselfish. Agape is of the spirit. We can only love someone and experience this highest love being filled His Spirit.

Bible says Agape is poured into our hearts Holy Spirit. (Rom 5:5). Let’s practise that love! Grow in this love! Learn to receive this love to a full ! And forget the foolishness and carnality that world is trying to search. We’ve got the real thing!  Let’s spread it out for others too – They will LOVE it !

Ps. I am all for marriage! Best thing in the world!- but that is not a topic of this blog – Purpose for this blog was just to point out this silliness, and hopefully get that search off from someone’s system. Happy spring to all!

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