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Pastors Tomi and Sanna Lehto

Even though Tomi and Sanna are born in Finland they have lived a major part of their life in United States. They have graduated as Bachelors in Theology from Bible school in the United States. After the Bible school they were hired to work in the local church where they served for the next 7 years until the Lord led them to start their own work in Finland. In year 2011 they came to Finland as missionaries to evangelize in different cities across the country. Soon after this God called them to start a church in Helsinki and in the year 2012 River Helsinki church was born. From the very beginning their vision was to be a genuinly international church reaching and loving people from all socio-economic classes. Tomi’s and Sanna’s greatest desire is to see Finland changed the power of God. They are also requested speakers all over the world. Tomi and Sanna had their official accreditation in the year 2010 and received their Pastoral mandate in 2012. They have three children: Maria, Jonathan and Abigail.