The vision for the conference is to refresh all ministers and leaders through great teaching and anointed worship. The event is open for everyone who feels they are called to be a leader in a ministry, business or in areas of society.

Petri Kosonen is our special guest in the worship.

Petri Kosonen is a Swedish born Pastor and worship leader. God used him widely in Finland to usher in worship to the churches in the late nineties early 2000. Later he has held pastorates in ThunderBay Canada, Lakeworth Florida as well as Södertälje & Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, he is a senior pastor and founder of a new Wellspring Church in West Palm Beach Florida where he resides with his wife Caroline and 3 children Esther, Reuben & Benyamin. Petri has recorded 3 live albums in Finnish: Maat kaupungit (2000) , Kunnia on Herran (2001) ja Kultainen sydän (2004). And later two solo albums, Valloita Sydämeni 2010 and Armo Suuri (2015).

The Schedule of the Event
THU March 26th 6pm
FRI March 27th 6pm
SAT March 28th 5pm

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