Free from sin

Romans 6

God’s will towards you is that you live free from sin!

Life of

  • Consciousness of new life, Instead of sin.
  • Righteousness, Instead of worldly living.
  • Holiness, instead of uncleanliness.
  • Full of the Holy Spirit, instead of spirit of this world. (Meditate and study all the epistles in the New Testament, Prayers in Ephesians.)

What you feed grows.

  • We are dead to sin, we live unto God, feasting on God’s Word.
  • You make choices to either feed the flesh, or your spirit that is alive unto God.

We are risen to new life.

  • We died, were buried, and rose to new life in Him. 
  • In Him, we are free from the sin.

Sin no longer has dominion.

Sanctification as an instant work, as you believed. And each day, you hunger more of Him, desire more of His Word to work in your life. Continuously sanctified, renewed in your mind, and being set apart for God’s holy purpose, and made holy away from the things of this world. (Phil. 2:12)

We have to keep our body under subjection. (1. Cor. 15:52, 1. Cor. 9:27)

As a child of God, we are dead to sin. Sin brings death. (Heb. 1:9) 

Power of sin was broken from your life.

As you believed, You are now under a grace. Christ conquered death and broke the power of sin!

  • God’s Word, which is truth, commands us not to yield to power of sin in our lives.
  • We can live free from the sin , we give no place to sin in our thoughts, words and actions. (Rom. 6)

Every believer has the capacity to yield to sin, however, believer is no longer under the dominion of sin. And if we do sin, we have an advocate with the Father, our High Priest, Jesus Christ. We have a way to have our fellowship restored, if we sin, confess our sins, and He has promised to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1. Joh. 2:1, 1. Joh. 1:9)

You should not tolerate sin. Instead, we are instructed to give ourselves wholly to righteous living in order to be holy.

Every believer is called to a holy life, for God is holy.

Eternal life is the destination, and we cannot with good conscience guarantee that you’d finish your race well without a life of holiness. Every day you get closer to the One who is Holy. Spirit of God is Holy Spirit, His calling is a holy calling.

  • You receive salvation instantly as you believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, repent of sin, and confess Jesus as your Lord and savior.
  • You can live free from sin, by faith in Christ.
  • You were a sinner, now you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Sanctification continues throughout your lifetime, until you see your savior face to face.