June 19-26
Ulkoniitynkuja 6, Vantaa
River Church Finland

Worship by Joe & Becky Cruse (USA)

  • June 19 at 10AM & 6PM
  • June 20-25 at 10AM & 7PM
  • June 26 at 10AM & 6PM

The Fire of God -summer camp meeting
The worship leaders Joe ja Becky Cruse from USA.

Joe and Becky Cruse have performed on worship albums such as The Sweet Presence of Jesus and Revival Down Under. They have also led worship for Rodney Howard-Browne during the 90s on big venues around the world.

They started their christian music ministry in a band called the Cruse Family Singers. The band was formed in Texas in the year of 1972 together with Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, who is known to be the current worship leader for Joel Osteen and the Lakewood Church.

After the big arenas and the revival tours of the 90s Joe and Becky Cruse founded together with the family a Worship WORKS ministries. Its purpose is to train and equip worship leaders. They also founded The Cruse Academy of Arts school.

Joe and Becky Cruse have valued their family in ministry related decisions and all of their three adult children are worship pastors in different churches. They have nine grandchildren.

Joe and Becky Cruse as worship leaders have pioneered the worship music scene both in the US and Australia. Their impact started even before the worship leaders of the mega churches.

The Summer camp meetings main speakers Tomi and Sanna Lehto came from the US to Finland in the year of 2011, after graduating from the River Bible Institute in Florida. They served the man of God Rodney Howard-Browne,  Revival Ministries International and the River at Tampa Bay church for over a decade.

They were obedient to the call of God to come to Finland so that every ear would hear the good news of the Gospel. “As Finns born in Finland we understood that the people of today’s world haven’t heard the gospel and how one can be saved”, says Sanna Lehto. “We were convinced that if people will hear it, they will receive it, because it is the most wonderful message ever” .

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Arrival Instructions 

Our church is located in Vantaa (Varisto) close to Vihdintie road (address: Ulkoniitynkuja 6, 01660 Vantaa). If you are coming from abroad and your flight lands to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can find instructions below on how to arrive by public transport (by train and bus):

Arrival by public transport

From the Airport:
  • The I-train leaves from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and goes straight to Myyrmäki station. Buses 311, 335 and 571 leave from Myyrmäki bus station and drive close to the church to approximately 4-6 minutes walking distance. Buses 311 and 571 leave from Myyrmäki from track 17 and bus 335 from track 19. The bus stops close to the church are Ulkoniitynkuja (buses 335 and 571) and Kylväjänkuja (bus 311).
From Helsinki city center:
  • Buses 322 and 345 leave from Elielinaukio ja drive close to the church to approximately 4-5 minutes walking distance. The bus stops close to the church are Kylväjänkuja (bus 322) and Santamäentie (bus 345).

Arrival by car

From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport:
  • When leaving the airport, you need to enter into the Ring III (Kehä III) into the west and drive around 11 kilometres forward. After that you need to join the Vihdintie road towards Helsinki City Center. After that, drive forward and turn to the left at the turning point of Varisto. Ulkoniitynkuja is the first street on the left after making the turn.
From the city center of Helsinki:
  • When leaving the Helsinki city center you need to drive on Mannerheim’s road (Mannerheimintie) towards north around 10 kilometers. After that turn into the west from a crossroads that leads to Ring I (Kehä I). After a short drive turn to the right to Vihdintie road and drive 5 kilometers forward. After that turn to the right in the turning point of Varisto. Ulkoniitynkuja is the first street on the left after making the turn.

Parking lots close by the church:

There’s a parking lot in front of the church entrance that has free parking spaces. It can be found by driving up-hill along the street of Ulkoniitynkuja and then turning left from the gate (on the top of the street). There’s also a limited amount of parking lots alongside the street of Ulkoniitynkuja. Also grocery store K-Supermarket Herkkupähkinä and gas station Neste K are located nearby and have some parking spaces. 

Hotels/Accommodation close to the church:

Noli Myyrmäki (Vantaa)
Hiisi Homes Vantaa Kaivoksela

Glo Hotel Espoo Sello

  • Website: https://www.glohotels.fi/hotellit/glo-sello
  • Address: Leppävaarankatu 1, 02600 Espoo
  • Distance from the church by car around 7-8km
  • Price approximately 116€ per night for 2 persons in June 2022 (breakfast included)