River Church Finland is born out of a vision to honor God in Finland! We want to see a church rising in Finland that loves Jesus from all of their heart, is strong in their faith, uncompromised in teaching of the Word and fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit. We believe that Sunday church can be a place where Christians can get spiritual nurture so they can face the new week full of power! Our vision is that every Finn will hear the good news of the Gospel and can find a church where they can grow in their faith in order to bear fruit. Our will is to see people succeed – and Finland succeed!

2 Chronicles 7:14 and Ephesians 2

Ismo and Merja Evijärvi are the pastors in Oulu.


Sunday Service at 11am
Tuesday Prayer Meeting at 8am-9am
Wednesday Service at 6pm
Thursday English Homegroup at 6pm
Saturday Outreach at 11am-1pm
Saturday Life Group 1pm-3pm


Hartaantie 8
90500 Oulu


River Church Finland
FI41 1555 3000 1247 36

Reference to Oulu: 10003


09-315 44710


Tue & Thu 13-16


If you prayed with us during the broadcast, or would like to leave a prayer request, please send us the form below. We are in contact with you and we pray for you!