God has a plan for your life!

River Bible Institute is for everyone who desires to know God more. We believe that God has a plan for every person and His will is that we grow in our faith. River Bible Institute will help you to find your calling and gives you tools to implement the truths from the Bible in your every day life. Our vision is that every Christian gets the full equipment in order to live a victorious life God has prepared for them.


The 1st year of RBI is designed for those who want to study the Bible thoroughly and experience the glory of God. This curriculum is not only intended for those who want to be in full time ministry but also for every Christian who desires to deepen their walk with God. The foundational truths taught in the Bible school are essential for every new believer and a Christian to understand.

The 2nd year of RBI is for those students who have graduated from 1st year and want to continue their studies. RBI’s 2nd year involves more practical work and in-depth teaching of the Bible. The school is accredited at The River Bible Institute in Tampa Bay Florida and after the second year the student receives an Associate’s Degree.

RBI’s 3rd year is a practical training year that lasts a total of 12 months.

Practical information:

Classes are every Tuesday-Friday at 9:00-12:00.

Here are some of the topics for courses in RBI Finland:

Blood Covenant, Christ the Healer, Eschatology, Faith, Growing up Spiritually, Heaven’s Design, Helps, Homiletics, Matters of the heart, Missions, New Creation Realities, Revival, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Gospels, The Holy Spirit, The Love Walk, The Ministry of the Evangelist, Prayer, Preparation for Ministry, Stewardship, Submission & Authority, Worship as a Lifestyle

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